Pay special attention to your dream as part of your vision to have a fulfilled mission
-Agunleti S. A.



We are known for effective and efficient service delivery without compromising quality.

ROYALICON NIGERIA LIMITED (Rc 753964) is a dully registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission and other relevant registry authorities in Nigeria. Our focal points is to provide Information Technology and other statutory services to individuals, government parastatals, and corporate organisations in effective and efficient way.



Our pool of resource personnel are vast in experience, seasoned, dedicated and result oriented experts.

Our strength is not in the amount of Millions we make but the number of lifes we impact. We are richer and wealthier in the lives we impact and futures we secure than in Naira and Kobo.



Web Design

We offer responsive Website Design & Development that is search engine friendly from scratch till you are satisfied.

Consultancy & Financial Advisory

We offer professional advice in varying magnitude to help you achieve success in your project, as well as making positive investment appraisal.

Corporate Branding

We offer Graphics Design, Corporate Lapel Pin & Award Medals, Sports Wear Branding, Promotion items, Car and office branding etc.

Digital Marketing

We use internet and online based digital technologies and social media platforms to promote products and services that in-turn bring about desired result and productivity boost.

Training & Human Resources Development

We offer Workhops, Training and Seminars for Individual and Corporate organisations to improve the effectiveness of organizations and the individuals and teams within them.

Software Development

We write programmes and structure database to suit users need for both Intranet and Internet applications. From conception to deployment, we are ready to serve you better.